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502 Weld Shape Analysis using Central Composite Design in the Laser Welding of Aluminum Alloys   
Donghyeok Choi, Joonghan Shin
Journal of Welding and Joining:502-507.  Publication Date (Web): September 16, 2020
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493 Optimization of Friction Stir Welding Parameters of AA2014-T6 Alloy using Taguchi Statistical Approach   
Wali Muhammad, Wilayat Husain, Anjum Tauqir, Abdul Wadood
Journal of Welding and Joining:493-501.  Publication Date (Web): October 6, 2020
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485 A Study on Optimization of Fillet in Laser Welding Process for 9% Ni Steel Using Gradient-Based Optimization Algorithm   
Tae-Jong Yun, Won-Bin Oh, Bo-Ram Lee, Chung-Woo Lee, Hyun-Ho Na, Ju-Seok Choi, Ill-Soo Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:485-492.  Publication Date (Web): September 24, 2020
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460 Evaluation of Welding Quality using Servo-Gun Displacement Data for Field Spot Welding   
Jaesung Kim, Jooheon Park, Sanghyeok Jeong, Bokdeok Seo
Journal of Welding and Joining:460-468.  Publication Date (Web): October 26, 2020
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450 Predicting Failure Modes of Resistance Spot Welds from the Chemical Composition of Materials   
Heewon Cho, Sangwoo Nam, Minjung Kang, Munjin Kang, Young-Min Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:450-459.  Publication Date (Web): October 13, 2020
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400 Tensile and Microstructural Behaviors of Austenitic Stainless Steel GTA Welds for Cryogenic Application   
Woosung Yang, Woong Kil, Byungrok Moon, Hyunbin Nam, Namhyun Kang
Journal of Welding and Joining:400-408.  Publication Date (Web): July 23, 2020   Cited by 1
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395 MIG Arc Effects on Root Penetration of Laser Hybrid Welded T-Joints   
Johannes Gaigl
Journal of Welding and Joining:395-399.  Publication Date (Web): July 22, 2020
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389 Welding of Thin Tab and Battery Case for Lithium-ion Battery Cylindrical Cell Using Nanosecond Pulsed Fiber Laser   
Lanh Ngoc Trinh, Dongkyoung Lee
Journal of Welding and Joining:389-394.  Publication Date (Web): July 10, 2020
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380 Effect of Polarity and Oxide Fluxes on Weld-bead Geometry in Activated Tungsten Inert Gas (A-TIG) Welding   
Suman Saha, Santanu Das
Journal of Welding and Joining:380-388.  Publication Date (Web): July 14, 2020
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374 Joint Properties of Dissimilar Al/Steel Sheets Formed by Magnetic Pulse Welding   
Byoung-Hyun Yoon, Ji-Yeon Shim, Bong-Yong Kang
Journal of Welding and Joining:374-379.  Publication Date (Web): July 22, 2020
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342 Microstructure Evaluation of Vaporizing Foil Actuator Welds of 1 GPa Strength Steel   
Byoung-Hyun Yoon, Taeseon Lee
Journal of Welding and Joining:342-348.  Publication Date (Web): July 28, 2020
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333 Current Status on Development of Lightweight Steels and Welding Characteristics   
Joonoh Moon, Seong-Jun Park, Chang-Hoon Lee
Journal of Welding and Joining:333-341.  Publication Date (Web): August 25, 2020
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305 A Study on the Effect of Plating Layer on the Corrosion Properties of Steel/Al Dissimilar Magnetic Pulse Weldments   
Byoung-Hyun Yoon, Ji-Yeon Shim, Bong-Yong Kang
Journal of Welding and Joining:305-310.  Publication Date (Web): June 1, 2020
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300 Global Market Analysis for Welding Power Source and Welding Robot (I)   
Seungjae Lee, Jason Cheon, Cheolhee Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:300-304.  Publication Date (Web): May 26, 2020
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295 A Study on the Measuring Method of Work Parameters to Evaluate the Skill of FCAW Welding Trainee   
Woo Hyeon Ju, Hyeong Chang Ryu, Kyeong Seob Lim, Sang-Myung Cho
Journal of Welding and Joining:295-299.  Publication Date (Web): June 8, 2020
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289 Influence of Welding Variables on Indentation Depth in Ultrasonically Welded Al/Cu Dissimilar Joints and Theoretical Fracture Load Estimation   
Minjung Kang, Kyuhong Lee
Journal of Welding and Joining:289-294.  Publication Date (Web): June 8, 2020
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269 Friction Stir Welding of EN 10130 Low Carbon Steel   
Akbar Alimohamady, Abbas Eghlimi, Hosain Nourozi Foroshani, Mohamad Alipour Behzadi, Javad Mohammadi, Masoud Kasiri Asgarani
Journal of Welding and Joining:269-277.  Publication Date (Web): June 10, 2020   Cited by 1
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263 A Study on the Simplified Scheme for the Assessment of the Welding-induced Buckling Sensitivity in Thin Plate Panels   
Myoung Soo Han
Journal of Welding and Joining:263-268.  Publication Date (Web): June 26, 2020
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241 Machine Learning for Prediction of Arc Length for Seam Tracking in Tandem Welding   
Bo Wook Seo, Young Cheol Jeong, Young Tae Cho
Journal of Welding and Joining:241-247.  Publication Date (Web): June 25, 2020
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235 Impact of Wavelengths of CO2, Disk, and Green Lasers on Fusion Zone Shape in Laser Welding of Steel   
Won-Ik Cho, Suck-Joo Na
Journal of Welding and Joining:235-240.  Publication Date (Web): June 26, 2020   Cited by 1
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203 The Effect of Pre-Welding on Nugget Growth Behavior and Weldability for the Resistance Spot Welding of A6014 - T4 Alloy   
Hyun-Uk Jun, Jae-Hun Kim, Joo-Yong Cheon, Young-Gon Kim, Yang-Do Kim, Changwook Ji
Journal of Welding and Joining:203-210.  Publication Date (Web): March 11, 2020
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187 Numerical Model for Powder Consumption, HAZ Width and Toughness in Tandem Submerged Arc Welding   
M. H. Kakaei-Lafdani, M. Valehi
Journal of Welding and Joining:187-196.  Publication Date (Web): April 1, 2020
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98 Deformation Prediction Algorithm for Smart Manufacturing of Large Welded Structures   
Woo-Jae Seong, Jae-Seok Yoo, Kwang-Hee Yun
Journal of Welding and Joining:98-104.  Publication Date (Web): February 28, 2020   Cited by 1
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81 Investigation of Spindle Rotation Rate Effects on the Mechanical Behavior of Friction Stir Welded Ti 4Al 2V Alloy   
Mohammadreza Aali
Journal of Welding and Joining:81-91.  Publication Date (Web): February 10, 2020   Cited by 1
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73 Effect of Aluminum, Nitrogen and Silicon Content on the Toughness of C-Mn Steel Weld Heat Affected Zone   
Hongchul Jeong, Kyutae Han
Journal of Welding and Joining:73-80.  Publication Date (Web): February 10, 2020
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67 Effects of Electrode Face Thickness on Resistance Spot Weldability of Aluminium Alloy 6061   
Dong-Cheol Kim, Hyeong-geun Jo, Young-Min Kim, Moon-Jin Kang, Insung Hwang
Journal of Welding and Joining:67-72.  Publication Date (Web): February 18, 2020   Cited by 1
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56 Review on Mitigation of Welding-Induced Distortion Based on FEM Analysis   
Chunbiao Wu, Jae-Woong Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:56-66.  Publication Date (Web): January 20, 2020   Cited by 1
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47 Technical Issues in Fusion Welding of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steels for Nuclear Fusion Reactors   
Sun-Young Jun, So-Young Im, Joonoh Moon, Chang-Hoon Lee, Hyun-Uk Hong
Journal of Welding and Joining:47-55.  Publication Date (Web): February 26, 2020   Cited by 2
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33 Effect of the Melting Behavior of the Coating Layer on Weldability in the Bolt Projection Resistance Welding of Al-Si Coated Hot-Stamped Boron Steel   
Jae-Hun Kim, Hyun-Uk Jun, Joo-Yong Cheon, Yang-Do Kim, Changwook Ji
Journal of Welding and Joining:33-40.  Publication Date (Web): February 19, 2020
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8 A Review on Welding of Dissimilar Metals in Car Body Manufacturing   
Md. Abdul Karim, Yeong-Do Park
Journal of Welding and Joining:8-23.  Publication Date (Web): February 19, 2020   Cited by 3
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