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Technical report

Technical report Electrode Life Test of Resistance Spot Welding on Mg Alloy Using Dome Type Electrode
Dong-Soon Choi, In-Sung Hwan, Dong-Cheol Kim, Moon-Jin Kang
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(6):27-31.
Technical reports Measurement of Weld Mechanical Properties of SUS316L Plate Using an Instrumented Indentation Technique
Kee-Nam Song, Sung-Deok Hong, Dong-Seong Ro
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(2):37-42.
Technical reports A Study on Laser Weldability of Al-Si Coated 22MnB5 Steel for TWB Hot Stamping
Yong Kim, Ki-Young Park, Bo-Young Lee
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(2):30-36.
Technical reports Recent Study of Overlay Welding on Welding methods
Ho-Cheon Yoo
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(1):11-20.
Technical reports Evaluation of Property and Reliability of Sn3.5Ag and Sn0.7Cu Pb-free Solder Joint by Complex Vibration for Application of Automobile Electric Module
Young-Ho Ko, Jung-Hwan Bang, Jeong-Han Kim, Chang-Woo Lee
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(1):6-10.
Technical reports A Welding Characteristics of Large Caliber-Thick Plate Pressure Vessel Low Alloy Steel (Mn-Mo)
Jong-Seok Ahn, Jin-Keun Park, Jae-Yeon Yoon
Journal of KWJS. 2012;30(6):10-14.
Technical reports Evaluation HIC Crack Resistance for Plastic Deformation of API-X65 Plate
Hoi-Soo Ryoo, Jun Seok Seo, Hee-jin Kim, Dong-Eon Lee
Journal of KWJS. 2012;30(6):6-9.
Technical report Variable Polarity Plasma Arc (VPPA) Welding - Part 2, Applications and Welding Physics
Journal of KWJS. 2012;30(4):291-293.

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