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Review Paper

Review Paper Development of Tungsten Electrode for TIG Welding
Hee-Keun Lee, Kwang-Hee Yun, Chung-Yun Kang
J Weld Join. 2022;40(4):305-310.
Review Papers Recent Studies of Transient Liquid Phase Bonding Technology for Electric Vehicles
Dong-Hwan Lee, Min-Haeng Heo, Jeong-Won Yoon
J Weld Join. 2022;40(3):233-241.
Review Papers A Review of the Brazeability of Low-Temperature and Nano-Reinforced Al-Based Brazing Filler Metals
Furkan, Hye-Jeong Kim, Gun-hwan Lee, Jae Pil Jung
J Weld Join. 2022;40(3):216-224.
Review Papers Trend of Resistance Spot Welding Technology of Al-Si Coated Hot-Stamped Boron Steel for Automobile Body
Wonho Kim, Changwook Ji
J Weld Join. 2022;40(2):187-197.
Review Papers Recent Trends to Improve Laser Weldability of Al-Si coated Hot-stamped Boron Steel
Hyunuk Jun, Changwook Ji
J Weld Join. 2022;40(2):175-186.
Review Paper Review on Vacuum Laser Beam Welding
Yongki Lee, Jason Cheon, Cheolhee Kim
J Weld Join. 2022;40(1):74-83.
Review Papers Process Review on Dissimilar Metal Joining of Steel and Ti Alloys
Hyeonjeong You, Taehyun Lee, Minjung Kang, Cheolhee Kim
J Weld Join. 2021;39(6):666-676.
Review Papers Review on the Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing Process and Trends in Non-ferrous Alloys
Jae-Deuk Kim, Joo Yong Cheon, Changwook Ji
J Weld Join. 2021;39(6):603-612.
Review Paper A Review on the Design Rule for the Friction Stir Welding using Bobbin Tool for Aluminum
Sanghoon Kang, Jonghwan Cha, Minjung Kang
J Weld Join. 2021;39(5):520-526.
Review Paper Thermal-induced Residual Stresses and Distortions in Friction Stir Welds - A Literature Review
Mohamed H. El-Moayed, Ahmed Y. Shash, Mahmoud Abd Rabou, Mahmoud G. El-Sherbiny
J Weld Join. 2021;39(4):409-418.
Review Papers Three-Dimesnional Semicondoctor Stacking using TSV(Through-Si-Via) Technology
Do Hoon Cho, Hye Jun Kang, Seong Min Seo, Jang Baeg Kim, Sri Harini Rajendran, Jae Pil Jung
J Weld Join. 2021;39(3):295-303.
Review Papers Review on the Resistance Spot Weldability of Medium-Mn TRIP steel
Gitae Park, Sangho Uhm, Changhee Lee
J Weld Join. 2021;39(3):239-245.
Review Papers A Review on the Characteristics of Laser Welding with Filler Wire According to Process Parameters Controlling the Heat Input and Wire Feeding
Jehee Lee, Minjung Kang
J Weld Join. 2021;39(2):167-173.
Review Papers Development Trend and Application of Peening Technology to Improve Welding Joint Life
Jae-Sung Kim, Byeong-Choon Goo, Seong-Hyun Song, In-Sik Cho
J Weld Join. 2021;39(2):150-158.
Review Papers Growth Behavior of Intermetallic Compounds in Various Solder Joints Induced by Electromigration
Sujong Kim, Wonsik Hong, Hyunbin Nam, Namhyun Kang
J Weld Join. 2021;39(1):89-102.
Review Papers Review on the Recent Welding Research with Application of CNN-Based Deep Learning Part II: Model Evaluation and Visualizations
Kidong Lee, Sung Yi, Soongkeun Hyun, Cheolhee Kim
J Weld Join. 2021;39(1):20-26.
Review Papers Review on the Recent Welding Research with Application of CNN-Based Deep Learning Part I: Models and Applications
Kidong Lee, Sung Yi, Soongkeun Hyun, Cheolhee Kim
J Weld Join. 2021;39(1):10-19.
Review Paper Recent Low Temperature Solder of SnBi and Its Bonding Characteristics
Hyejun Kang, Bumgyu Baek, Jae Pil Jung
J Weld Join. 2020;38(6):576-583.
Review Paper DED Type Laser Additive Manufacturing Technology of Oxide Ceramics
Sangwoo Nam, In-Ho Jung, Young-Min Kim
J Weld Join. 2020;38(5):469-478.
Review Papers LAM-DED Process for Repair and Maintenance of Cast Iron Components using Metallic Powder Alloys
Jin-Young Kim, Dong-Mok Lee
J Weld Join. 2020;38(4):349-358.
Review Papers Current Status on Development of Lightweight Steels and Welding Characteristics
Joonoh Moon, Seong-Jun Park, Chang-Hoon Lee
J Weld Join. 2020;38(4):333-341.
Review Paper Strategies to Reduce Transient Liquid Phase Bonding Time for the Die Attach of Power Semiconductors
Sunghyun Sohn, Daewon Kim, Hongpyo Kim, Namhyun Kang
J Weld Join. 2020;38(2):158-165.
Review Papers Review on Mitigation of Welding-Induced Distortion Based on FEM Analysis
Chunbiao Wu, Jae-Woong Kim
J Weld Join. 2020;38(1):56-66.
Review Papers Technical Issues in Fusion Welding of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steels for Nuclear Fusion Reactors
Sun-Young Jun, So-Young Im, Joonoh Moon, Chang-Hoon Lee, Hyun-Uk Hong
J Weld Join. 2020;38(1):47-55.
Review Papers A Review on Welding of Dissimilar Metals in Car Body Manufacturing
Md. Abdul Karim, Yeong-Do Park
J Weld Join. 2020;38(1):8-23.
Review Paper Chip Sinter-Bonding Using Ag-Based Paste for Power Semiconductor Devices
Na Yeon Lee, Jong-Hyun Lee, Chang-Yong Hyun
J Weld Join. 2019;37(5):482-492.
Review Paper Experimental Investigation of Infrared Laser Drilling Process Applied with Different Repetition Rate on Ni-Au Coated BeCu
Seungik Son, Dongkyoung Lee
J Weld Join. 2019;37(3):206-211.
Review Papers Ultrasonic and Laser Welding Technologies on Al/Cu Dissimilar Materials for the Lithium-Ion Battery Cell or Module Manufacturing
Minjung Kang, Woo Seong Choi, Sanghoon Kang
J Weld Join. 2019;37(2):52-59.
Review Papers A Review on Twin Tungsten Inert Gas Welding Process Accompanied by Hot Wire Pulsed Power Source
Prassan Shah, Chetan Agrawal
J Weld Join. 2019;37(2):41-51.
Review Papers Epoxy Polymer Solder Pastes for Micro-Electronic Packaging Applications
Ashutosh Sharma, Do Hyun Jung, Ju Seon Cheon, Jae Pil Jung
J Weld Join. 2019;37(2):7-14.
Review Papers Recent Joining Techniques of CFRP to Metal Using Welding Process
Yong Kim, Hee-seon Bang
J Weld Join. 2018;36(5):27-38.
Review Papers Laser and Gas Metal Arc Based Dissimilar Joining of Automotive Aluminium Alloys and Steel Sheets - A Review
Atanu Das, Hee-Seon Bang
J Weld Join. 2018;36(5):1-11.
Review Papers A Review on Welding Residual Stress Measurement by Hole Drilling Technique and its Importance
R. Chakrabarti, P. Biswas, S. C. Saha
J Weld Join. 2018;36(4):75-82.
Review Papers Review of Keyhole Refilling Technology in Friction Stir Welding
Jin Young Yoon, Sanghoon Kang, Sehun Rhee, Cheolhee Kim
J Weld Join. 2018;36(4):58-62.
Review Paper The Current State, Outcome and Vision of Additive Manufacturing
Mathieu Terner
J Weld Join. 2015;33(6):1-5.
Review Paper Influence of Various Additional Elements in Al Based Filler Alloys for Automotive and Brazing Industry
Ashutosh Sharma, Y.S. Shin, Jae-Pil Jung
J Weld Join. 2015;33(5):1-8.
Review Papers Mechanical fastening and joining technologies to using multi mixed materials of car body
Yong Kim, Ki-Young Park, Sung-Bok Kwak
J Weld Join. 2015;33(3):12-18.
Review Papers High efficient welding technology of the offshore wind power plants
Youngsik Kim, Sangcheol Kil
J Weld Join. 2015;33(3):4-11.
Review Papers Recent study of materials and welding methods for nuclear power plant
Ho-Cheon Yoo
J Weld Join. 2015;33(1):14-23.
Review Papers Review of magnetic pulse welding
Bong-Yong Kang
J Weld Join. 2015;33(1):7-13.
Review Paper Numerical Studies on Submerged Arc Welding Process
Degala Ventaka Kiran, Suck-Joo Na
J Weld Join. 2014;32(4):339-347.
Review Paper Experimental Studies on Submerged Arc Welding Process
Degala Ventaka Kiran, Suck-Joo Na
J Weld Join. 2014;32(3):215-224.
Review Paper Recent Study in Variation of Welding Materials for Overlay Welding
Ho-Cheon Yoo
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(6):17-26.
Review Paper Recent Technological Tendency of Laser/Arc Hybrid Welding
Youngsik Kim, Sangcheol Kil
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(2):4-15.
Review Papers Effect of Shielding Gas on Laser Weldability of Sintered Diamond Saw
Journal of KWJS. 2012;30(4):309-313.
Review Papers Characteristics of Mechanical Properties on 600MPa Grade TRIP Steel Using the Various Shielding Gases in the GMAW
Journal of KWJS. 2012;30(4):304-308.
Review Papers Effects of Porosity Formation on Shielding Gas and Welding Conditions for HSLA Steel Welding
Journal of KWJS. 2012;30(4):300-303.
Review Papers Effects of Shielding Gas Compositions and Welding Parameters on Weldability during Gas Metal Arc Welding of Al 5083 Thick Plate
Journal of KWJS. 2012;30(4):294-299.
Review Papers Development and Application of Realtime Weld Quality Monitoring System
Journal of KWJS. 2012;30(1):44-50.
Review Papers Weld Quality Measuring System for Plasma Spot Weld of Diesel Engine Valve Unit by Using a Visual Camera
Journal of KWJS. 2012;30(1):39-43.

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