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Volume 8 Issue 2

Resistance Spot Welding of Aluminum Alloys
Journal of KWJS. 1990;8(2):1-12.
Economic consideration of TMCP Steel for Shipbuilding
Journal of KWJS. 1990;8(2):13-26.
The Effect of Silicon and Manganese on Mechanical Properties of Modelling Flux Cored Arc Welded Deposit
양철웅, 강춘식, 황선효, 김경중
Journal of KWJS. 1990;8(2):27-39.
Fatigue Properties of Welded Joints for TMCP Steels
임채범, 권영각, 장래웅, 엄기원
Journal of KWJS. 1990;8(2):40-52.
A Method for Analyzing Heat Conduction
서승일, 장창두
Journal of KWJS. 1990;8(2):53-57.
Development of a Vision Sensor for Measuring the Weld Groove Parameters in Arc Welding Process
김호학, 부광석, 조형석
Journal of KWJS. 1990;8(2):58-69.
Fabrication of Stainless Clad Steel by Hot Rolling
김승태, 권숙인
Journal of KWJS. 1990;8(2):70-79.

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