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Volume 7 Issue 3

Stress Concentration on Weldments
Journal of KWJS. 1989;7(3):1-6.
The manufacturing of clad steel and its utilization
Journal of KWJS. 1989;7(3):7-18.
The Study on Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Friction Welded M.E.F Dual Phase Steel
오세욱, 유재환, 이경봉
Journal of KWJS. 1989;7(3):19-27.
A Study on Fracture Strength Evaluation of Steel Welded Joint by Small Punch Test I
유대영, 정세희, 임재규, 정희돈, 玉川欣治, 高橋秀明
Journal of KWJS. 1989;7(3):28-35.
Effect of Sn and P on the Shear Strength of Copper to Stainless Steel Brazed Joint
정재필, 이보영, 이우천, 강춘식
Journal of KWJS. 1989;7(3):36-43.
Effects of Microstructure and Welding Heat Input on the Toughness of Weldable High Strength Steel Weldments
장웅성, 방국수, 장래웅, 엄기원
Journal of KWJS. 1989;7(3):44-54.
A Study on the Formation and Mechanical Properties of the Spray Deposits by Thermal Spray
최기영, 박동환, 김명호
Journal of KWJS. 1989;7(3):55-62.

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