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Volume 31 Issue 3

Special Issues Study on Joint of Micro Solder Bump for Application of Flexible Electronics
Yong-Ho Ko, Min-Su Kim, Taek-Soo Kim, Jung-Hwan Bang, Chang-Woo Lee
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(3):4-10.
Special Issues Various Cu Filling Methods of TSV for Three Dimensional Packaging
Myong-Hoon Roh, Jun-Hyeong Lee, Wonjoong Kim, Jae Pil Jung, Hyeong-Tea Kim
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(3):11-16.
Special Issues Mitigation Methods of Sn Whisker Growth on Pure Sn Plating
Keun-Soo Kim
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(3):17-21.
Special Issues Degradation Behavior of Solder Joint and Implementation Technology for Lead-free Automotive Electronics
Won Sik Hong, Chul Min Oh
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(3):22-30.
Research Papers Effects of Serrated Grain Boundary Structures on Boron Enrichment and Liquation Cracking Behavior in the Simulated Weld Heat-Affected Zone of a Ni-Based Superalloy
Hyun-Uk Hong, June-Woo Choi, Sang-Hyun Bae, Joong-Geun Yoon, In-Soo Kim, Baig-Gyu Choi, Dong-Jin Kim, Chang-Yong Jo
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(3):31-38.
Research Papers Development of Push-pull Type Arc Welding Wire Feeder
Hyun-Jun Yoon, In-Sung Hwang, Dong-Cheol Kim, Moon-Jin Kang, Ki-Gab Choi
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(3):39-43.
Research Papers Prediction of Arc Welding Quality through Artificial Neural Network
Jungho Cho
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(3):44-48.
Research Papers Resistance Spot Welding Characteristics of Mg Alloy Using Process Tape
Dong-Soon Choi, Dong-Cheol Kim, Moon-Jin Kang
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(3):49-53.
Research Papers Analytical Methodology Obtaining an Optimal Welding Sequence for Least Distortion of Welded Structure
Yunsok Ha
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(3):54-59.
Research Papers Characteristics of Plasma Emission Signals in Fiber Laser Welding of API Steel (Ⅲ)
Chang-Je Lee, Jong-Do Kim, Yu-Chan Kim
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(3):60-65.
Research Papers Effect of Coating Thickness on Microstructures and Tensile Properties in Yb:YAG Disk Laser Welds of Al-Si Coated Boron Steel
Wei-Ye Cao, Jong-Pan Kong, Yong-Nam Ahn, Cheol-Hee Kim, Chung-Yun Kang
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(3):66-75.
Research Papers Effect of Bonding Condition on the Tensile Properties of Diffusion Bonded Haynes230
Gil-Mo Kang, Ae-Jeong Jeon, Hong-Kyu Kim, Sung-Suk Hong, Chung-Yun Kang
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(3):76-83.
Research Papers Fabrication and Reliability Test of Device Embedded Flexible Module
Dae Gon Kim, Sung Taik Hong, Deok Heung Kim, Won Sik Hong, Chang-Woo Lee
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(3):84-88.

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