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Volume 2 Issue 1

Tack welding for One Side CO2 Arc Welding
Journal of KWJS. 1984;2(1):1-3.
Study on the Disbonding of Stainless Steel Overlay Welded Metal ( report 2 ) - A Metallurgical Study on PWHT of Overlaid Austenitic Stainless Weld Metal -
이영호, 윤의박
Journal of KWJS. 1984;2(1):4-17.
Investigations about the Fracture Behaviour on High-Temperature-Brazed NiCr20TiAl / Bni-5 Joints
H.D. Steffens, 배석천, B. Wielage, R. Dammer
Journal of KWJS. 1984;2(1):18-24.
Effects of Welding Parameters on Bead Width and Penetration in Electron Beam Welding
김숙환, 강춘식, 윤종원, 황선효
Journal of KWJS. 1984;2(1):25-29.
Effect of Moisture in Arc Welding Electrode on Mechanical Properties of Weld Metal
윤희만, 김연식, 박종은
Journal of KWJS. 1984;2(1):30-40.
A Study on Evaluation of Plastic Strain at Notch Tip of Weld HAZ in Steel
김태영, 임재규, 정세희
Journal of KWJS. 1984;2(1):41-48.
Low Cycle Fatigue Behaviour of AISI 304L Austenitic Stainless Steel Weldment
김환태, 황선효, 남수우
Journal of KWJS. 1984;2(1):49-57.
Application of GMAW Narrow Gap Welding
장재성, 이병욱
Journal of KWJS. 1984;2(1):58-65.
Essentials of Welding Production
Journal of KWJS. 1984;2(1):66-77.

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