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Volume 14 Issue 2

Surface Modification of Iron-alloy Steels by Plasma Nitriding Process
박화순, 강정윤, 中田一博
Journal of KWJS. 1996;14(2):1-9.
Surface Melting and Alloying Process for Surface Hardening of Aluminum Alloys
박화순, 中田一博
Journal of KWJS. 1996;14(2):10-18.
A Characteristics of Surface Modification by Thermal Spraying
양병모, 박경채
Journal of KWJS. 1996;14(2):19-27.
Plasma Transferred Arc ( PTA ) Surfacing Process
Journal of KWJS. 1996;14(2):28-35.
Evaluation of Stress Distribution and Corrosion Fatigue Strength on Spot Welded Lap Joint of Coated Thin Steel Plate
배동호, 임동진
Journal of KWJS. 1996;14(2):36-45.
Effect of weld thermal cycle on the HAZ toughness and microstructure of a Ti-oxide bearing steel
정홍철, 한재광, 방국수
Journal of KWJS. 1996;14(2):46-56.
A Study on the Optimum Welding Conditions for Reducing the Depth of Indentation of Surface in Spot Welding
서승일, 이재근, 장상길, 차병우
Journal of KWJS. 1996;14(2):57-64.
A Study on the Change of Detonation Velocity with Explosive Variables
김희진, 강봉용
Journal of KWJS. 1996;14(2):65-70.
Determination of Adequate Solder Volume using 3D Solder Joint Configuration in SMT
최동필, 김성관, 유중돈
Journal of KWJS. 1996;14(2):71-78.
Effect of Low Temperature and Single Overload on Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Cr-Mo Steel Weldments
임재규, 김연직
Journal of KWJS. 1996;14(2):79-89.
A study on surface fatigue crack behavior of SS400 weldment
이용복, 조남익, 박강은
Journal of KWJS. 1996;14(2):90-95.
Implementation of Automatic Teaching System for Subassembly Process in Shipbuilding
김정호, 유중돈, 김진오, 신정식, 김성권
Journal of KWJS. 1996;14(2):96-105.

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