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Volume 8 Issue 4

Laser Beam Processing Technique ( II )
Journal of KWJS. 1990;8(4):1-7.
Welding and Bonding of Superalloys
中尾嘉邦, 강정윤
Journal of KWJS. 1990;8(4):8-19.
A study on Mechanical Properties of Friciton Weld Interface in Metal Bearing
오세욱, 이영호, 민택기
Journal of KWJS. 1990;8(4):20-26.
A Study on the KLA Behaviors in HAZ and the Mechanical Properties of Austenitic Stainless Steel Weld
조종춘, 김영석, 김학민
Journal of KWJS. 1990;8(4):27-34.
A Study on the Microstructure Change during the Welding of a Cast Iron with a Fe-Mn-Al Steel Powder
김경중, 서정현
Journal of KWJS. 1990;8(4):35-45.
Low Cycle Fatigue Behaviour of TMCP Steel in As-Received and Welded States
김영식, 한명수
Journal of KWJS. 1990;8(4):46-57.
Analysis of Thermal Stresses Developed in Plasma Sprayed Layer
배강열, 김희진
Journal of KWJS. 1990;8(4):58-68.
Ultimate Compressive Strength of TMCP High Tensile Steel Plates with HAZ Softening
백점기, 고재용
Journal of KWJS. 1990;8(4):69-75.
A Study on the Residual Stress Measurements by Hole Drilling Method using Air-abrasive Jet Machine ( II )
최병길, 박영조, 이택순, 전상윤
Journal of KWJS. 1990;8(4):76-82.

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