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Volume 37 Issue 1

Research Papers Effect of Al and Zn-coated Layer of Scaffolding on Weldability of Cryogenic Material in LNG Carriers
Ki-hyung Han, Dong-young Kim, Kwang-hee Yun, Young-taek Shin, Hee-keun Lee
J Weld Join. 2019;37(1):9-14.
Research Papers Development of Welding Flux to Reduce Hydrogen Embrittlement in Weld Zone
Sunghoon Chung, Il Sohn, Hong-Chul Jeong
J Weld Join. 2019;37(1):15-20.
Research Papers Nucleation Behavior of Acicular Ferrite in 1 GPa Class High Strength Steel Weld Metal
Yongjoon Kang, Changhee Lee
J Weld Join. 2019;37(1):21-26.
Research Papers The Response Surface Methodology for Optimizing the Process Parameters of Selective Laser Melting
Mathieu Terner, Thibaud Ricordel, Jae-Hung Cho, Jeong-Seok Lee
J Weld Join. 2019;37(1):27-39.
Research Papers Prediction of Plate Deformation by Multi-line Heating using SDB Method
Jeeyeon Heo, Yi Li, Jang-Hyun Lee
J Weld Join. 2019;37(1):40-45.
Research Papers Effect of Burn-off Length on the Properties of Friction Welded Dissimilar Steel Bars
Muralimohan Cheepu, Woo Seong Che
J Weld Join. 2019;37(1):46-55.
Research Papers Evaluation of CFRP/Steel/Aluminum Three Layer Joining with Self-Piercing Rivet
Nam-Ki Jeon, Taek-Eon Jeong, Sehun Rhee, Dong-Hyuck Kam
J Weld Join. 2019;37(1):56-61.
Research Papers Evaluation of SS 275 Substrate Substitutability in Arc and Wire Additive Manufacturing of Inconel 718
Tae Hyun Lee, Je Hoon Oh, Dong-Hyuck Kam
J Weld Join. 2019;37(1):62-68.
Research Papers A Study on the Effect of the Process Parameters on Joint Quality in SOP(Screwing On Plate) Flow Drill Screw Joining Process
Mokyoung Lee, Sunghun Jung, Doyup Lee
J Weld Join. 2019;37(1):69-75.
Research Papers Influence of Reductant Content within the Solderable Polymer Composite on the Coalescence and Wetting Behaviors of Low-Melting-Point Alloy Fillers
Byung-Seung Yim, Jeong Il Lee, Jong-Min Kim
J Weld Join. 2019;37(1):76-81.
Research Papers A Study on Process Development of Deformation Reduction in TIG Overlay Welding
Jung Hyun Park, Song Yi Park, Sang Myung Cho
J Weld Join. 2019;37(1):82-88.
Research Papers Effect of Aluminum on Thermally Induced ε-Martensite for Fe-Mn-C TWIP Steels
Myungjin Lee, Chulho Park, Eunjoon Chun, Juseung Lee, Namhyun Kang
J Weld Join. 2019;37(1):89-93.

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