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Volume 31 Issue 2

Review Paper Recent Technological Tendency of Laser/Arc Hybrid Welding
Youngsik Kim, Sangcheol Kil
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(2):4-15.
Special Issues Recent Trends of Friction Stir Welding of Titanium
Chang-Keun Chun, Sung-Wook Kim, Heung-Joo Kim, Woong-seong Chang, Joong-suk Noh
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(2):16-20.
Special Issues Researches in Corrosion Resistance of Friction Stir Welded Aluminum alloys
Byung-Wook Ahn, Don-Hyun Choi, Yun-Mo Yeon, Seung-Boo Jung
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(2):21-25.
Special Issues Recent Research & Development Trend on Friction Stir Welding and Friction Stir Processing
Kwang-Jin Lee
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(2):26-29.
Technical reports A Study on Laser Weldability of Al-Si Coated 22MnB5 Steel for TWB Hot Stamping
Yong Kim, Ki-Young Park, Bo-Young Lee
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(2):30-36.
Technical reports Measurement of Weld Mechanical Properties of SUS316L Plate Using an Instrumented Indentation Technique
Kee-Nam Song, Sung-Deok Hong, Dong-Seong Ro
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(2):37-42.
Research Papers Fatigue Life Evaluation on Compressive & Tensional Residual Stress Induced Materials and Residual Stress Measurement using Hole Drilling Method
Seung Yeb Baek
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(2):43-48.
Research Papers The Sensitization and Intergranular Corrosion Behavior of AISI 316L Clad Steel with Butt Welding
Chul-ku Lee, Jae-Won Park
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(2):49-56.
Research Papers A Study on the Weldability of Magnesium Alloy by Laser Heat Source (Ⅲ) - Butt Weldability of Sand Casting Magnesium Alloy using Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser -
Jong-Do Kim, Jung-Han Lee, Mun-Yong Lee
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(2):57-62.
Research Papers The Weldability of the Dissimilar Magnesium Alloy Welded by Fiber Laser
Jong-Do Kim, Young-Sik Kim, Mook-Keun Song, Jung-Han Lee
Journal of KWJS. 2013;31(2):63-68.

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