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Volume 3 Issue 2

Influence of Carbon Equivalents on Steel Friction Welds : Similar Steels
나석주, 김성도
Journal of KWJS. 1985;3(2):1-9.
A Study on Cold Pressure Welding of Aluminium ( I ) - Effect of Surface Roughness and Welded Deformation -
이철구, 엄기원
Journal of KWJS. 1985;3(2):10-15.
The Effect of PWHT on Fatigue Fracture in HAZ of Cr-Mo steel - for applied stress -
임재규, 김석원, 김연직
Journal of KWJS. 1985;3(2):16-26.
Study on the Cold Pressure Welding by Upsetting
안기원, 김재도
Journal of KWJS. 1985;3(2):27-34.
A Study on Hot Straining Embrittlement of Subcritical HAZ in Steel Weldments
정세희, 김태영, 임재규
Journal of KWJS. 1985;3(2):35-41.
The Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Aluminum Alloy Weld zone by Instrumented Charpy Test
문경철, 강락원, 이준희
Journal of KWJS. 1985;3(2):42-51.
Fracure Mechanics Approach to Bending Fatigue of Cruciform Fillet Welded Joint
엄동석, 강성원, 김영기
Journal of KWJS. 1985;3(2):52-63.
용접잔류응력과 그 제어
Journal of KWJS. 1985;3(2):64-73.

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