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Volume 27 Issue 4

Laser-Based Glass Soldering
Jeong Suh, Dongsig Shin
Journal of KWJS. 2009;27(4):1-5.
Development of Working Coil for Magnetic Pulse Welding
Bong-Yong Kang, Ji-Yeon Shim, Ill-Soo Kim, Dong-Hwan Park, In-Ju Kim, Kwang-Jin Lee
Journal of KWJS. 2009;27(4):6-12.
Study on Hybrid Laser Welding for Panel Fabrication in Shipbuilding
YunSig Lee, JungHyun Shin, HaGun Kim, JiOn Kim
Journal of KWJS. 2009;27(4):13-17.
The Third Generation of Disk Lasers : A New Benchmark for Industrial Solid State Lasers
David Havrilla, R?diger Brockmann
Journal of KWJS. 2009;27(4):18-25.
Crack Susceptibility Reduction and Weld Strength Improvement for Al Alloy 5J32-T4 by using Laser Weaving Method
Kwang-Deok Choi, Young-Nam Ahn, Cheolhee Kim
Journal of KWJS. 2009;27(4):26-31.
Residual Stress Analysis for Repair Welding in Dissimilar Metal Weld
SeungGun Lee, TaeEun Jin, SungSik Kang, Dongil Kwon
Journal of KWJS. 2009;27(4):32-37.
On the Fillet Weld-Induced Deformation Control by Applying the Tensioning Method
Joo-Sung Lee, Cheul-Ho Kim
Journal of KWJS. 2009;27(4):38-43.
A Study of Spot Welding Process to Reduce Spatter with the Hollow Tip
Jungsang Jun, Sehun Rhee
Journal of KWJS. 2009;27(4):44-48.
A Study to Improve Weld Strength of Al 6k21-T4 Alloy by using Laser Weaving Method
Byung-Hun Kim, Nam-Hyun Kang, Yong-Ho Park, Young-Nam Ahn, Cheol-Hee Kim, Jung-Han Kim
Journal of KWJS. 2009;27(4):49-53.
A Study about Analysis of Weld Distortion using Genetic Algorithm
Ill-Soo Kim, Hak-Hyoung Kim, Han-Kee Jang, Hee-Jin Kim, Sung-Kyu Kwak, Hoi-Soo Ryoo, Ji-Yeon Shim
Journal of KWJS. 2009;27(4):54-59.
Design of Cylinder Horn for Ultrasonic Welding
Sun-Rak Kim, JaeHak Lee, ChoongD. Yoo
Journal of KWJS. 2009;27(4):60-66.
Influence of the Groove Angle on Arc Characteristics in Pulsed GMA Weaving Welding
Kwang-Deok Choi, Won-Ik Cho, Cheolhee Kim, Suck-Joo Na
Journal of KWJS. 2009;27(4):67-72.
Characteristics of Microwelded BLU CCFL Electrode in Terms of Glass Beading Heat Treatment Temperature
Gwangsoo Kim, Sangduck Kim, Hyukdong Kwon
Journal of KWJS. 2009;27(4):73-78.
IIW Report
Journal of KWJS. 2009;27(4):79-113.
News of the Korean Welding and Joining Society
Journal of KWJS. 2009;27(4):114-121.
News of the Members
Journal of KWJS. 2009;27(4):122-126.

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