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Volume 25 Issue 4

Formation of Unmixed Zone in the Fusion Boundary of Dissimilar Metal Weld Zone
Changhee Lee
Journal of KWJS. 2007;25(4):1-3.
Characteristics of Cold Cracks in FCA Weld Metal
JunSeok Seo, JaeHak Kim, HeeJin Kim, HoiSoo Ryoo
Journal of KWJS. 2007;25(4):4-8.
Crack Arrest Toughness of Thick Steel Plate Welds for Ship Building
JoonSik Park, BoYoung Jung, GyuBaek An, JongBong Lee
Journal of KWJS. 2007;25(4):9-14.
Fracture Toughness of Thick Steel Plate for Ship Building
Jeong-Ung Park, Gyu-Baek An
Journal of KWJS. 2007;25(4):15-19.
Safety of Welding Details at Large Steel Structures
Kyoung-Sup Jung
Journal of KWJS. 2007;25(4):20-27.
Characteristics of Plasma Sprayed TiO₂-NiCr Conductive Heating Roll Coatings
Tae-Gu Kang, Min-Seok Jin, Young-Bong Ko, Tae-Hyung Kim, Sang-Hum Cho, Jung-Sik Park, Jong-Chul Kim, Kyeung-Chae Park
Journal of KWJS. 2007;25(4):28-34.
Oxidation Effects on the Critical Velocity of Pure Al Feedstock Deposition in the Kinetic Spraying Process
Kicheol Kang, Sanghoon Yoon, Youlgwun Ji, Changhee Lee
Journal of KWJS. 2007;25(4):35-41.
Vacuum Plasma Sprayed NiTiZrSiSn Coating
Sanghoon Yoon, Juneseob Kim, Sooki Kim, Changhee Lee
Journal of KWJS. 2007;25(4):42-48.
Analysis and Optimization of the Cladding Parameters for Improving Deposition Efficiency in Cladding using a Low Power Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser
Hyoung-Keun Lee
Journal of KWJS. 2007;25(4):49-57.
Derivation of Simplified Formulas to Predict Deformations of Plate in Steel Forming Process with Induction Heating
Kang-Yul Bae, Young-Soo Yang, Chung-Min Hyun, Seok-Hee Won, Si-Hoon Cho
Journal of KWJS. 2007;25(4):58-64.
Welding Characteristics of Aluminized Steel Sheet by Nd:YAG Laser(Ⅰ) - Effects of Al Coating Weight on Weld Strength -
Jong-Do Kim, Jung-Han Lee, Ki-Chol Kim
Journal of KWJS. 2007;25(4):65-71.
Welding Characteristics of Aluminized Steel Sheet by Nd:YAG Laser(Ⅱ) - Behavior of Al element in the weld -
Jong-Do Kim, Jung-Han Lee, Ki-Chol Kim
Journal of KWJS. 2007;25(4):72-78.
Analysis of Welding Positions for Reduction of Musculoskeletal Disorders Based on Simulation Technique
JuYong Park, DongJoon Kim, SeongRok Chang, ChangSub Song
Journal of KWJS. 2007;25(4):79-85.
IIW 2007 Annual Assembly 및 International Conference 참석보고
Journal of KWJS. 2007;25(4):86-89.
IIW 2007 Annual Assembly(총회) 참석후기
나석주, 이보영, 김기철, 김정한, 장희석, 강승관
Journal of KWJS. 2007;25(4):90-98.
Journal of KWJS. 2007;25(4):99-110.
Journal of KWJS. 2007;25(4):111-117.

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