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Volume 24 Issue 6

Development of Remote Resistance Welding Equipment for Nuclear Fuel Multi-pin Fabrication
Jin-Hyun Koh, Soo-Sung Kim
Journal of KWJS. 2006;24(6):1-4.
Development of Welding Materials for High Efficiency of Welding Process
Chung-Yun Kang
Journal of KWJS. 2006;24(6):5-12.
A Study for the Improvement of Weld Quality Through Force Control of Servo Gun in Resistance Spot Welding using Robot
YoungWhan Park, Jonggu Lee, Sehun Rhee
Journal of KWJS. 2006;24(6):13-20.
Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of Lead-Free Surface Mount Assemblies for Auto-Mobile Application
Sang-Su Ha, Jong-Woong Kim, Jong-Hyuck Chae, Won-Chul Moon, Tae-Hwan Hong, Choong-Sik Yoo, Jeong-Hoon Moon, Seung-Boo Jung
Journal of KWJS. 2006;24(6):21-27.
Numerical Analysis of Heat Flow and Thermal Deformation in Transmission Joining of Polymers Using Nd:YAG Laser
Sang-Woo Cha, Jin-Beom Kim, Suck-Joo Na
Journal of KWJS. 2006;24(6):28-32.
Effects of Hybrid Welding Parameters on the Toughness of Weld Metal in Ship Structural Steel
Seung-Gab Hong, Jong-Bong Lee
Journal of KWJS. 2006;24(6):33-38.
Resistance Spot Weldability of Ferritic Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel
Jeong-Kil Kim, In-Su Woo, Boyoung Jeong, Jong-Bong Lee
Journal of KWJS. 2006;24(6):39-43.
Contents of Volume 24(2006) etc.
Journal of KWJS. 2006;24(6):44-70.

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