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Volume 20 Issue 3

Cracking in Welds and Its Prevention(3)-Hot Cracking in Welds(2)-
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):1-2.
Development of Welding Consumable for Controlling the Cold Cracking in Steel Deposites Metal
김희진, 강봉용
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):3-8.
Testing and Inspection on Solder and Solder Joint
강경인, 곽계환, 정재필, 박재현, 윤종구
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):9-15.
The Growth Kinetics of Intermetallic Compound Layer in Lead-Free Solder Joints
이창배, 이창열, 서창제, 정승부
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):16-23.
Trends of Electronic packaging and Characteristics Evaluation by Shape of Solder Joints
신영의, 고영욱, 김종민, 윤종구
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):24-30.
The Estimate of Progress Conditions and Operation Property/Reliability of Pb-Free
김우영, 김인철, 노보인
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):31-36.
Failure Analysis for BGA/CSP Solder Joints
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):37-45.
Technical Development using High Strength Steel of TRIP Type on Automobile Parts
류성지, 이상제, 이규현, 이문용
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):46-53.
Wear Resistance Characteristics of Iron System MAG Weld Cverlays with Chromium and Niobium Carbide Composite
김종철, 박경채
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):54-59.
A Study on the Relation between Bcad Shape and Welding Parameters of CMA Welding for Die Remodeling
김지태, 나석주, 김덕환, 서만석
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):60-66.
Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded High Strength Steels for Shipbuilding
장웅성, 최기용
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):67-73.
The Influence of Chemical Compositions of Weld Metal and Welding Condisions on Hot Cracking by Hot Cracking Test
양병일, 지병하, 김정태, 박광식, 최해수, 박화순
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):74-83.
Prediction Model for Relaxation of Welding Residual Stress under Fatigue Loads
한승호, 신병천
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):84-90.
Effects of Nitrogen on the Microstructure and Tonghness of HAZ in Ti-Containing Steel
김병철, 방국수
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):91-97.
Microstructural Characteristics of Zircaloy-4 Nuclear Fuel Cladding Welds by Resistance Upset Welding Processes
고진현, 김상호, 박춘호, 김수성
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):98-104.
A Study on the Mechanical Characteristic in AI 6061 Alloys welded by Friction Stir Welding
방한서, 김흥주, 고민성, 장웅성
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):105-108.
Effect of Assist Gas on Laser Induced Plasma and Bead Formation in Welding of Structural Steel by CW Nd:YAG Laser
김기철, 신현준
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):109-115.
A Study for Wettability of Silicate Glasses on Silicon Nitride
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):116-121.
A Study on the Lap Joint CO2 Laser Welding of Different Gauge Sheets Using ANOVA in Characteristic Zones
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):122-128.
Analysis of Welding Deformation by Equivalent Load Method on Steel Structures
박정웅, 이재원, 이해우
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):129-137.
Machining & Joining Research Team
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):138-139.
Journal of KWJS. 2002;20(3):140-150.

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