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Volume 2 Issue 2

Fundamental Study of Ilmenite Type Coated Arc Welding Electrode - Effect of the variation of the basicity in ilmenite type coated arc welding electrode on the chemical composition and mechanical porperties -
권영수, 손병영
Journal of KWJS. 1984;2(2):1-6.
Threshold Limit Value of Welding fume
한회춘, 이수안, 정인수
Journal of KWJS. 1984;2(2):7-12.
Study on the Spatter in Stainless Steel Welding
이성근, 서성필
Journal of KWJS. 1984;2(2):13-21.
Effects of Painting on the Weldability in CO2 Welding
Journal of KWJS. 1984;2(2):22-28.
Factors Causing Slag Inclusion in SMAW
구정서, 백승호, 장재성, 김영환
Journal of KWJS. 1984;2(2):29-37.
Damage of Ship and Its Prevention
Journal of KWJS. 1984;2(2):38-53.
Study on Fracture Toughness and Heat Input in Weld HAZ of Cr-Mo Steel ( I ) ( welding structure )
임재규, 정세희
Journal of KWJS. 1984;2(2):54-61.
The TRC Test for Cold Crack Susceptibility of Welded Zone for ABS EH32 Steel
정수원, 박동환, 최기영, 김대헌
Journal of KWJS. 1984;2(2):62-69.

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