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Volume 18 Issue 6

Brazing Defect
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(6):1-3.
Materials and Joining Technology for Liquid Propellant Rocket
김대업, 조용호, 김영수, 우유철, 노용규
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(6):4-10.
Electron Beam Welding in the Aerospace Industry - EBW of Dissimilar Materials -
김숙환, 권영각, 김대업
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(6):11-17.
Joining Characteristics of Single Crystal Superalloys for Turbine Blade
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(6):18-24.
Role of Non-Metallic Inclusions on the Nucleation of Acicular Ferrite
김희진, 강봉용
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(6):25-32.
Up-and-Coming Friction Stir Welding
장웅성, 최기용, 강문진, 권영각
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(6):33-41.
A Study on the Characteristic of Pb-free Sn-Ag-Bi-Ga Solder Alloys
노보인, 이보영
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(6):42-47.
Effect of Heat Treatment on the Microstructures and Properties of HVOF Sprayed Ni-Cr-W-Mo-B Alloy Coatings
민경오, 이창희
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(6):48-54.
Development of an Algorithm for Controlling Welding Bead Using Infrared Thermography
김일수, 박창언, 손준식, 박순영, 정영재, Yarlagadda Prasad
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(6):55-61.
Characteristics of Liquid Phase Diffusion Bonded Joints Using Newly Developem Ni-3Cr-4Si-3B Insert Metal of Heat Resistant Alloy
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(6):62-67.
The Study on Microsturcture of the Heat Affected Zone for Removing of Beadmark in the Overlayered Wrapping Roll
유국종, 백응률
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(6):68-73.
The Fluxless Wetting Properties of UBM-Coated Si-Wafer to the Pb-Free Solders
홍순민, 박재용, 김문일, 정재필, 강춘식
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(6):74-82.
Variation of Welded-Joint Tensile Strength of GMA Welded Accelerated-Cooled Steel
방국수, 정성욱
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(6):83-88.
Characterization of Creep-Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior for HAZ Crack Using C_t
백운봉, 서창민, 윤기봉
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(6):89-95.
Optimization of Plasma Sparay Coating Parameters of Alumina Ceramic by Taguchi Experimental Method
이형근, 김대훈, 윤충섭
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(6):96-101.
Characteristics of the Hard-Overlayers by WC-12%Co Powder Addition in MIG Welding of Al Allloy
박정식, 양병모, 박경채
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(6):102-107.

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