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Volume 18 Issue 1

Low Thickness and Competitive Welded Coating By PHE : PTA High-energy
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(1):12-15.
New Aspects of Research Trends and Problems on Pressure Vessel Steels
지병하, 김정태, 박화순
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(1):16-29.
Considerations in Welding for the Cr-Mo Type Steel Pressure Vessels
김광수, 노기식
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(1):30-37.
Welding Fabrication Technology of Pressure Vessels
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(1):38-45.
Experimental Verification on the Detectability of Surface Flaws at Fillet Weld Hills by Ultrasonic Method
박익근, 이철구
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(1):46-51.
The Study on Microstructures and Mechasnical Properties of Mild Steel Joined with Various Spot Welding Conditions
강연철, 김대영, 김완기, 김석원
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(1):52-58.
A Study of Weld Fusion Zone Phenomena in Austenitic Stainless Steels(2) - Effect of Nitrogen on Microstructural Evolution and Hot Cracking Susceptibility of GTA Welds in STS 304 -
이종섭, 김숙환
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(1):59-69.
A Semi-solid Diffusion Bonding between Rolled Steel for Structural Parts and Lead Bronze Alloy
김우열, 박흥일, 이길근, 서원찬
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(1):70-76.
Ultimate and Fatigue Strength of Ship Hopper Knuckles
김영한, 정장영, 백점기, 김하수, 김도현
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(1):77-82.
A Study on the Effective Arc Sensing by the Use of the Weighted-Arc-Current in Flux-Cored Arc Welding for Fillet Joints
권순창, 최재성
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(1):83-90.
CO₂Weldability of Zn Coated Steel Sheet(1) - Weld Defects and Its Characteristics in Welds -
이종봉, 안영호, 박화순
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(1):91-96.
On-line Monitoring Using SVD in a Electron Beam Welding
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(1):97-103.
Thermal Stresses near the Edge in a Clad
김형남, 최성남, 장기상
Journal of KWJS. 2000;18(1):104-109.

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