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Volume 17 Issue 3

Rapid Prototyping Processes for Direct Metal Fabrication
양동열, 손현기
Journal of KWJS. 1999;17(3):1-7.
State of the Art in Laser-Assisted Rapid Prototyping of Metallic Parts
Journal of KWJS. 1999;17(3):8-12.
Development of Metal Based Rapid Prototyping by Using GMA Welding Processes
김철희, 나석주, John Norrish
Journal of KWJS. 1999;17(3):13-16.
A New Concept of Parallel Mechanism Machine Tool for Rapid Machining
Journal of KWJS. 1999;17(3):17-21.
Application of Expert System to Obtained the Optimal Welding Parameters
김일수, 박창언
Journal of KWJS. 1999;17(3):22-25.
Estimation of CO2 Laser Weld Bead by Using Multiple Regression
박현성, 이세헌, 엄기원
Journal of KWJS. 1999;17(3):26-35.
Effect of Si on Spatter Generation and Droplet Transfer Phenomena of MAG Welding
안영호, 이종봉, 엄동석
Journal of KWJS. 1999;17(3):36-43.
Development of Welding Information System for Power and Industrial Plant
박주용, 홍성호
Journal of KWJS. 1999;17(3):44-49.
A Study on Low Temperature Strength and Fatigue Strength of Austenitic Stainless Steel for Membrane Type LNG Tank
이해우, 신용택, 박정웅, 이재원, 강창룡
Journal of KWJS. 1999;17(3):50-54.
Effects of M-A Constituents on Toughness in the ICCG HAZ of SA508-cl.3 Pressure Vessel Steel
권기선, 김주학, 홍준화, 이창희
Journal of KWJS. 1999;17(3):55-65.
Corrosion Behavior Analysis of the Weld Joint between Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel
권재도, 이우호, 김길수, 장순식, 진영준
Journal of KWJS. 1999;17(3):66-70.
A Study on Development of Laser Welding System for Bellows Outside Edge Using Vision Sensor
이승기, 유중돈, 나석주
Journal of KWJS. 1999;17(3):71-78.
Characteristics of Brazed Joint of Sintered Bronze / steel Using Ag-Cu-Zn-Cd Type Filler Materials
이정훈, 이창희
Journal of KWJS. 1999;17(3):79-89.
A Study of the High Reliability in Plastic BGA Solder Joints
김경섭, 신영의, 이혁
Journal of KWJS. 1999;17(3):90-95.
Microstructures and Impact Properties of 50mm Single Pass Electrogas Weldment for EH36 TMCP steels
이해우, 고대은
Journal of KWJS. 1999;17(3):96-101.
News of the Korean Welding Society
Journal of KWJS. 1999;17(3):102-112.
News of the Member
Journal of KWJS. 1999;17(3):113-116.

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