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Volume 16 Issue 4

Fossil Power Plant Materials and Welding Technology
홍성호, 김광수
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(4):1-8.
Evaluation of Weldability for Steam Turbine Casing Weld Repair
이해무, 백운봉, 윤기봉
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(4):9-18.
Repair Welding of NSSS Components for Nuclear Power Plant
김종오, 정인철, 송근호
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(4):19-25.
Trends in Repair Welding Technology for Steam Turbine Rotors
김광수, 오영근
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(4):26-35.
On Droplet Transfer Phenomena of GMA Welding
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(4):36-38.
Relationship between Spatter Generation and Waveform Factors in Transitional Condition of CO₂Welding
강봉용, 이창한, 김희진, 장희석
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(4):39-46.
A Study on the Fatigue Crack Growth Characteristics ofr the Weldment of Carbon steel-Stainless steel
권재도, 김우현, 김길수, 박중철, 배용덕, 김중형
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(4):47-54.
A Study on the effect of the multi-pass SMAW welding on the characteristic of the underwater welding areas
최기용, 이상율, 이보영, 이병훈, 이상용, 박성두
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(4):55-62.
The Effect of Current Pulsing Parameters on the Spatter Generation Rate during CO₂ Shielded Gas Metal Arc Welding
강덕일, 최재호, 장영섭, 김용석
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(4):63-72.
Analysis of Fatigue Strength in Expansion Joint Weldment of Bridge
이용복, 정진성, 박영근, 김태윤, 김호경, 박상흡
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(4):73-82.
A Study on Creep Crack Growth Behavior of Weld Interface Crack
윤기봉, 김광웅, 정용근
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(4):83-91.
A prediction of the thermal fatigue life of solder joint in IC package for surface mount
윤준호, 신영의
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(4):92-97.
Heat Transfer Analysis of Forced Convection-Infrared Reflow Soldering Process with Air Injection
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(4):98-108.
Prediction of Three-Dimensional Solder Joint Profile in Gullwing Lead using Finite Element Modeling
최동필, 유중돈, 이태수
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(4):109-116.
Effects of Wicking on solder Joint Profile in Gullwing Lead
최동필, 유중돈, 이태수, 최상균
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(4):117-124.
A Study on the Quantitative Evaluation of Arc Stability in AC SMAW
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(4):125-135.

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