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Volume 16 Issue 3

Theoretical Methods to Analyze Metal Transfer in GMA Welding
최상균, 유중돈
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(3):1-8.
Characteristics of Metal Transfer of GMAW shielded by CO₂ gas
최재호, 김용석, 김희진
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(3):9-17.
Concept of Waveform Control for the Reduction of CO₂ Welding Spatter
김희진, 김용석
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(3):18-28.
The Power Conversion Circuit and Its Control Method of Inverter Welding Machines
최규하, 채영민
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(3):29-39.
Welding Technology of Heat Resisting Material
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(3):40-43.
A Study on the Weavingless Arc Sensor System in GMA Welding ( I ) - Implementation of Weld Seam Tracking Algorithm -
안재현, 김재웅
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(3):44-54.
A Study on the Weavingless Arc Sensor System in GMA Welding ( II ) - Torch Height Control in Weld Seam Tracking -
안재현, 김재웅
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(3):55-63.
The Defect Detection and Evaluation of Austenitic Stainless Steel 304 Weld Zone using Ultrasonic Wave and Neuro
이원, 윤인식
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(3):64-73.
A Study on the Prediction Modeling of Phase Transformation in the CGHAZ of Structural Steel Weld
조일형, 이경종, 이창희
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(3):74-84.
A Study on Joint Tracking for Multipass Arc Welding using Vision Sensor
이정익, 장인선, 이세헌, 엄기원
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(3):85-94.
Relation between Spatter Generation and Waveform factor of CO₂Welding in Short-Circuit condition
김희진, 강봉용, 이강희, 유중돈
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(3):95-101.
A Study on Signal Processing Method for Welding Current in Automatic weld Seam Tracking System
문형순, 나석주
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(3):102-110.
A Study of Metallurgical Phenomena in Austenitic Stainless Steel Fusion Welds ( I ) - Weldability of Commercial Austenitic Stainless Steels -
이종섭, 김숙환
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(3):111-120.
A Study on the Degradation of Mechanical Properties in High Nitrogen Steel Following Heat Treatments and Welding
권일현, 윤재영, 정세희
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(3):121-128.
A study on the develoment of an arc sensor and its interface system for a welding robot
배강열, 이지형, 정창욱
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(3):129-140.
Design Sensitivity Analysis of Welded Strut Joints on Vehicle Chassis Frame
김동우, 양성모, 김형우, 배대성
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(3):141-147.
A study on the characteristics of Pb free Sn-2%Ag-x%Bi solder alloys
홍순국, 박일경, 강정윤
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(3):148-156.
A study on the characteristics of low Pb Sn-5%Pb-1.5%Ag-x%Bi solder alloys
홍순국, 주철홍, 강정윤, 김인배
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(3):157-166.

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