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Volume 16 Issue 2

A Introduction to the High Speed Cameras and Their Application
이재선, 육상현
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(2):1-5.
Inverter Controlled Light Source for High Speed Filming of Welding Phenomena
김기철, 강문진, 조시훈
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(2):6-13.
An Introduction to the Motion Picture Films for High Speed Photography
김용수, 김승섭, 김기철
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(2):14-20.
Analysis of Metal Transfer in GMAW Process Based on the High Speed Photography
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(2):21-28.
Analysis of High Frequency Electric Resistance Welding Phenomena using High Speed Cinematography
강덕일, 최재호, 장영섭, 김용석
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(2):29-36.
Research on Automation of Welding Process for Shipbuilding
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(2):37-39.
Analysis of Weld Pool Flow and Shape Considering the Impact of Droplets in GMAW
박현성, 이세헌, 엄기원
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(2):40-47.
Joining of Polymer Materials with Ultrasonic Welding
이철구, 정규창
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(2):48-56.
A Study on the Friction Weldability of Carbon Steel ( SM45C ) to Aluminum Alloy ( A6063 )
강성보, 민택기
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(2):57-63.
Effect of Volume Fraction of Chromium Carbide on Fracture Toughness of the Iron / Chromium Hardfacing Alloy
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(2):64-72.
Low stress Abrasive Wear Mechanism of the Iron / Chromium Hardfacing Alloy
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(2):73-83.
A Study on the Fatigue Behavior of Resistance Spot Welded Part of 5182 Aluminum Alloy Sheet
신현일, 박용석, 강성수
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(2):84-92.
A Study on the Variation of Elements Loss of Wires and Oxygen Content of Weld Metal in GMAW
방국수, 장웅성
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(2):93-99.
Laser Weldability of Sheet Steels for Tailored Blank Manufacturing ( II ) - Effect of Joint Configuration -
김기철, 이기호, 이목영
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(2):100-110.
Thermal Stress at the Junction of Skirt to Head in Hot Pressure Vessel
한명수, 한종만, 조용관
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(2):111-121.
A Study on Wettability of Silicate Glasses on the Different Impurities in Alumina Substrates
Journal of KWJS. 1998;16(2):122-128.

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