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Volume 13 Issue 3

Present Status and Prospect of LNG Storage Tank
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(3):1-7.
Status and Prospect of Site Welding Technology for LNG Storage Tank
이광희, 전혁성
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(3):8-17.
Trend and Subjects in Welding Technique of LNG Aboveground Storage Tank
上月映野, 小川恒司
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(3):18-33.
Welding Characteristics of Recently Developed 9% Ni Steel
이종봉, 한재광
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(3):34-45.
A Study on the Solidification Structure in the Al-Cr Alloys
배석천, 조순영
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(3):46-54.
A Study on the Copper Metallizing Method of Al2O3 Ceramic Surface
최영국, 김정관, 김영식
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(3):55-64.
Weldability of HY type High Strength-Toughness Steel
이종봉, 안상곤, 정홍철, 심인옥
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(3):65-76.
A Study of Predicting Method of Residual Stress Using Artificial Neural Network in CO2 Arc Welding
조용준, 이세헌, 엄기원
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(3):77-88.
The effect of boron on the corrosion resistance of 304 stainless steels
안병국, 원태연, 이윤용, 윤정모, 최병길, 황선효
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(3):89-95.
A Study on analysis of heat flow in laser brazing
전민규, 김원배, 한국찬, 나석주
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(3):96-105.
A Characteristic of Microstructures in Bonding Interlayer of Brazed Titanium to Copper
김우열, 정병호, 이성렬
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(3):106-115.
An Analytical Solution for Transient Temperature Distribution in Fillet Arc Welding Including the Effect of Molten Metal
정선국, 조형석
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(3):116-124.
Mechanical Property of Liquid Phase Diffusion Bonded Joint of Rene80 / B / Rene80
정재필, 강춘식
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(3):125-133.
Brazing of Aluminium Nitride ( AIN ) to Copper with Ag-based Active Filler Metals
허대, 김대훈, 천병선
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(3):134-146.
A Study on Development of Insert Metal for Liquid Phase Diffusion Bonding of Fe Base Heat Resistance Alloy
강정윤, 김인배, 이상래
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(3):147-156.

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