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Volume 13 Issue 1

Welding Specifications and Quality Systems
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(1):11-22.
Welding Standards and Safety for Welded Structures
이병훈, 황선효
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(1):23-30.
Welding Standards and Quality in Shipbuilding
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(1):31-44.
Development of Welding Codes and Standards for Power Industry
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(1):45-50.
Application of ASME Code and Quality Assurance
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(1):51-61.
Aluminum Vacuum Brazing in Japan - Brazing Technology and Trend in Japan ( 2 )
정재필, 죽본정, 강춘식
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(1):62-72.
Electron beam welding for Ultra High Vacuum Aluminum Chamber
최만호, 길계환, 최우천
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(1):73-77.
A Study on the Stress Corrosion Cracking Behaviors for Weld Joint of Steel with Various pH Values in Synthetic Sea Water
유효선, 나의균, 정세희
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(1):78-88.
Evaluation of Reheat Cracking Susceptibility with Simulated Heat Affected Zones in Cr-Mo-V Turbine Rotor Steel
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(1):89-102.
Formation of Ti and Ti ceramics composite layer on aluminium alloy
임병수, 문정훈, 서창제, 松田福久, 中田一博
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(1):103-114.
The Influence of the Reflected Arc Light on Vision Sensors for Welding Process Automation
이철원, 나석주
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(1):115-126.
Effect of Shielding Gases on the Weldability of High Efficient GMAW Process
한기형, 한종만, 이민우, 이은배, 한용섭
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(1):127-137.
A Study on The Characteristics of Heat Distribution of Welded Joint on The Steel Structure with Thick Plate
방한서, 김종명
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(1):138-144.
CW CO2 Laser Beam Welding and Formability of Zn-Coated Steel Plates
서정, 한유희, 윤충섭, 방세윤
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(1):145-155.
A Study on Arc Sensor for Weld Seam Tracking by Using Fuzzy Control
조시훈, 김재웅
Journal of KWJS. 1995;13(1):156-166.

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