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Volume 10 Issue 4

한국의 용접재료 현황과 전망
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):33-38.
용접기기의 현황
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):39-43.
용접 구조 설계
윤중근, 박동환
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):44-57.
용접의 품질관리 현황
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):58-65.
용접규격의 현황과 발전방향
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):66-74.
용접기술 교육의 국내외 현황
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):75-81.
조선분야에서의 용접기술 응용연구
성요경, 한용섭
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):82-90.
해양 구조물의 용접
최승면, 박동환
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):91-97.
강관제조에 적용되는 용접기술
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):98-102.
건설기계분야에서의 용접기술 응용현황
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):103-106.
자동차 분야에서의 용접기술 응용현황
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):107-116.
A Study on the strengthening of titania ceramic coating layer on the steel substrate - The effect of the strengthening treatment on the strength of coating layer -
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):181-189.
A Study on the Development of Arc Sensor for Flux Cored Arc Welding Process and its Application for Seam Tracking
김수영, 이승영, 나석주
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):190-198.
A Study on Development of Expert System for Dimension and Weld Designs of Horizontal-Type Pressure Vessel
서철웅, 나석주
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):199-212.
Infiltration of the Cu-Ti Alloys to Porous Al2O3 Ceramic Coating
이형근, 김대훈, 황선효
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):213-221.
Prediction of Penetration And Heat Affected Zone By Using Finite Element Method in CO2Arc Welding
이정익, 박일철, 박기영, 엄기원
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):222-229.
A Study on the Rupture and Crack Propagation Characteristics in the Material Friction-Welded with Hetrogeneous Steels of SM40C and STS304
오세욱, 허정원, 유재환, 김재철
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):230-239.
A Study on the Characteristics of Zr-4 End Cap Welded Joints Using Resistance Upset Welding
박철주, 김형수, 이영호, 강원석
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):240-249.
Study on the Mechanical Behavior of Welded part in thick Plate - Three-dimensional Thermal Elasto-Plastic Analysis Based on Finite Element Method -
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):250-258.
A Study on the fatigue strength analysis of the welded joints in ship hull construction
엄동석, 강성원, 이성구, 김원범
Journal of KWJS. 1992;10(4):259-267.

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