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677 Microstructural Evolution of Cantilever Wire Probe after Touch-Down Fatigue Cycles for Power Semi-Conductor Wafer Testing   
Won Sik Hong, Mi-Song Kim, Myeongin Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:677-683.  Publication Date (Web): December 6, 2021
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103 Effect of Aluminum Arc Butt Joint Weld Geometry on Fatigue Strength   
Jungho Cho, Sungjin Baek, Seungchul Shin, Gunho Lee, Mun-Gu Kang, Young-Rae Jo
Journal of Welding and Joining:103-108.  Publication Date (Web): February 22, 2021
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543 Fatigue Analysis of the Effects of Incomplete Penetration Defects on Fatigue Crack Initiation Points in Butt-Welded Members   
Zhen-Ming Wang, Kyong-Ho Chang, Shazia Muzaffer
Journal of Welding and Joining:543-550.  Publication Date (Web): December 23, 2020
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380 Effect of Polarity and Oxide Fluxes on Weld-bead Geometry in Activated Tungsten Inert Gas (A-TIG) Welding   
Suman Saha, Santanu Das
Journal of Welding and Joining:380-388.  Publication Date (Web): July 14, 2020   Cited by 3
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41 Effect of HIP Process on Fatigue Performance for SS 316L Manufactured by PBF   
Dongjin Oh, Yongjoon Kang, Gidong Kim, Soyoung Park, Sangwoo Song
Journal of Welding and Joining:41-46.  Publication Date (Web): February 24, 2020   Cited by 1
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41 A Review on Twin Tungsten Inert Gas Welding Process Accompanied by Hot Wire Pulsed Power Source   
Prassan Shah, Chetan Agrawal
Journal of Welding and Joining:41-51.  Publication Date (Web): April 8, 2019   Cited by 1
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82 A Study on Process Development of Deformation Reduction in TIG Overlay Welding   
Jung Hyun Park, Song Yi Park, Sang Myung Cho
Journal of Welding and Joining:82-88.  Publication Date (Web): February 11, 2019
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9 Effect of Al and Zn-coated Layer of Scaffolding on Weldability of Cryogenic Material in LNG Carriers   
Ki-hyung Han, Dong-young Kim, Kwang-hee Yun, Young-taek Shin, Hee-keun Lee
Journal of Welding and Joining:9-14.  Publication Date (Web): February 21, 2019   Cited by 2
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28 A Study for Brittle Crack Prevention and Fatigue Life Improvement using a Welded Stiffener   
Tae-Woo Kang, Myung-Hyun Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:28-33.  Publication Date (Web): December 26, 2018   Cited by 1
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45 Fatigue Life Prediction of Al 5083-O Weldment Considering the Overload Effect   
Tae-Woo Kang, Jeong-Yeol Park, Jae-Sung Lee, Myung-Hyun Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:45-51.  Publication Date (Web): September 20, 2018
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36 A Study on the Dissimilar Metal Joining of Aluminum to Steel Using the Arc Heat Source (Ⅳ) - Fatigue Behaviors Using Ultrasonic Elastic Resonance -   
Yong Kim, Jae-Seong Kim, In-Sik Cho, Bo-Young Lee
Journal of Welding and Joining:36-46.  Publication Date (Web): August 28, 2018   Cited by 1
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31 A Study for TIG Welding Optimization on Bead Shape of A6061 Alloy Sheet using DOE   
Sunghun Jung, Doyup Lee, Bong Ueoul Kim, Mokyoung Lee
Journal of Welding and Joining:31-37.  Publication Date (Web): May 30, 2018   Cited by 2
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1 A Study for the Welding Condition Optimization using Response Surface Method in TIG Butt Welding of A6061 Aluminum Alloy   
Sunghun Jung, Doyup Lee, Bong Ueoul Kim, Mokyoung Lee
Journal of Welding and Joining:1-7.  Publication Date (Web): June 14, 2018   Cited by 2
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18 Microstructure and Mechanical Properties in the Welds of Reduced-Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steels   
Joonoh Moon, Jinjong Lee, Chang-Hoon Lee, Tae-Ho Lee, Seung-Jin Jung, Sang-Hoon Jeong, Hyun-Uk Hong
Journal of Welding and Joining:18-24.  Publication Date (Web): February 21, 2018   Cited by 1
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1 Development Trend and Prospect for Improving Fatigue Performance of Advanced High Strength Steel Welds in Automotive Chassis Applications   
Gyuyeol Bae, Hongchul Jeong
Journal of Welding and Joining:1-7.  Publication Date (Web): December 26, 2017
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61 A Study on Fatigue Crack Growth Parameters for Fatigue Life Assessment based on Fracture Mechanics   
Hyeon-Su Kim, Tae-Jong Park, Dong-Ju Lee, Sang-Beom Shin, Myung-Hyun Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:61-67.  Publication Date (Web): February 28, 2017
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43 Pulse TIG welding: Process, Automation and Control   
P. K. Baghel, D. S. Nagesh
Journal of Welding and Joining:43-48.  Publication Date (Web): February 1, 2017   Cited by 3
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47 Effect of Weld Elastic Modulus on Simulation of Stress Concentration and Fatigue Life for Boiler Vessel   
Byung Hak Choe, Bum Gyu Lee, Jong Heon Shim, Chan Sung Park, Jin Pyo Kim, Nam Gyu Park
Journal of Welding and Joining:47-53.  Publication Date (Web): October 30, 2016
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47 Low Cycle Fatigue Performance of 304L Stainless Steel Weldments   
JaeHyoen Hwang, DongJin Oh, DoYoung Lee, MinSung Chun, Myung-Hyun Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:47-51.  Publication Date (Web): June 30, 2016   Cited by 1
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68 A Study on Productivity Improvement in Narrow Gap TIG Welding   
Jae-Ho Jun, Sung-Ryul Kim, Sang-Myung Cho
Journal of Welding and Joining:68-74.  Publication Date (Web): February 29, 2016   Cited by 6
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41 A Study of Fatigue Crack Growth Behaviour for Ferrite-Bainite Dual Phase Steel   
Deok-Geun Kim, Dong-Pil Cho, Dong-Jin Oh, Myung-Hyun Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:41-46.  Publication Date (Web): February 29, 2016
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49 Fatigue Life Prediction of Non-Load-Carrying Cruciform Welded Joint using Master S-N Curve based on Structural Stress Approach   
Si-Young Kwak
Journal of Welding and Joining:49-54.  Publication Date (Web): December 31, 2015
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42 Fatigue Damage Behavior in TIG Welded Joint of F82H Steel under Low Cycle Fatigue Loading   
Dong-Hyun Kim, Ki-Won Park
Journal of Welding and Joining:42-48.  Publication Date (Web): December 31, 2015
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6 Effect of Restraint Stress on the Precipitation Behavior and Thermal Fatigue Properties of Simulated Weld Heat Affected Zone in Ferritic Stainless Steel   
Kyutae Han, Yongjoon Kang, Sangchul Lee, Seunggab Hong, Hongchul Jeong, Changhee Lee
Journal of Welding and Joining:6-12.  Publication Date (Web): December 31, 2015
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26 Fatigue Life of the Repair TIG Welded Hastelloy X Superalloy   
Restu SIHOTANG, Sang-Kyu CHOI, Sung-Sang PARK, Eung-Ryul BAEK
Journal of Welding and Joining:26-30.  Publication Date (Web): October 30, 2015   Cited by 3
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50 Development of Durability Enhancement Technology for Arc Weldings in Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) Chassis Parts   
Kwang Bok Lee, Seung Taik Oh
Journal of Welding and Joining:50-56.  Publication Date (Web): August 31, 2015   Cited by 6
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1 Laser Peening Process and Its Application Technique   
Jong-Do Kim, Muneharu KUTSUNA, Yuji SANO
Journal of Welding and Joining:1-6.  Publication Date (Web): August 31, 2015
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456 Welding Characteristics of A-TIG Using Various Compositions of Active Fluxes   
Bong-Hun Kim, Yong-Soo Gong
Journal of Welding and Joining:456-461.  Publication Date (Web): October 30, 2014
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372 The Effect of Fatigue Strength according to Carburizing Depth   
Hyun Min Choi, Yong Ha Park, Yong Taek Shin, Myung Hyun Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:372-376.  Publication Date (Web): August 30, 2014   Cited by 1
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163 A Study of the Thickness Effect using Structural Stress Approach for Fillet Welded Joints   
Wen-Jie Xin, Dong-Jin Oh, Myung-Hyun Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:163-168.  Publication Date (Web): May 14, 2014   Cited by 3
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