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21 Brittle Crack Propagation Path Due to the Effect of Welding Residual Stresses   
Gyubaek An, Hongyeol Bae, Jeongung Park, Wan Chuck Woo
Journal of Welding and Joining:21-27.  Publication Date (Web): December 13, 2018
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14 Neutron Diffraction Measurement of Residual Stress in High Melting Point Metals Processed by 3D Printing   
Dong-Kyu Kim, Wanchuck Woo
Journal of Welding and Joining:14-20.  Publication Date (Web): December 5, 2018
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75 A Review on Welding Residual Stress Measurement by Hole Drilling Technique and its Importance   
R. Chakrabarti, P. Biswas, S. C. Saha
Journal of Welding and Joining:75-82.  Publication Date (Web): July 23, 2018
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70 Welding Residual Stress Evaluation and Process Optimization of CTBA Trailing Arm using Finite Element Analysis   
Jong-sung Kim, In-hyeok Im, Jung-sub Kim, Jung-sik Suh
Journal of Welding and Joining:70-74.  Publication Date (Web): August 6, 2018
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40 An Analytical Study on the Residual Stress Generated by Seal Weld Repair of CEDM Nozzle in the Nuclear Power Plant   
Jong-Ho Kang, Yoon Gyo Jung, Yun-Chan Jang, Ja-Bong Lee, Won-Geun Yi, Young Tae Cho
Journal of Welding and Joining:40-47.  Publication Date (Web): April 3, 2018
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15 A Basic Study on Brittle Crack Propagation Path with Ultra Large Steel Plate Weld Joints   
Gyubaek An, Illwook Han, Jeongung Park, Wan Chuck Woo
Journal of Welding and Joining:15-20.  Publication Date (Web): December 8, 2017   Cited by 4
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55 A Study on Structural Integrity Assessment of Pipeline using Weight Function Solution   
Ki-Sup Noh, Dong-Jin Oh, Myun-Hyun Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:55-60.  Publication Date (Web): December 22, 2016
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49 Heat Source Modeling and Study on the Effect of Thickness on Residual Stress Distribution in Electron Beam Welding   
Leila Rajabi, Majid Ghoreishi
Journal of Welding and Joining:49-54.  Publication Date (Web): December 13, 2016   Cited by 1
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35 Study on a Residual Stress Reduce in Laser Welding Process using Ti6Al4V   
Wooram Lee, Taesung Park, Ikkeun Park
Journal of Welding and Joining:35-41.  Publication Date (Web): December 29, 2016   Cited by 1
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20 Trail Rolling Method for Control of Buckling Distortion in AA5083 GMA Butt Weldment   
Journal of Welding and Joining:20-27.  Publication Date (Web): December 29, 2016
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28 A Study on Evaluation of Residual Stress Redistribution for FCA Butt Weldment of Ultra-Thick YP47 Steel Plate under Tensile Cyclic Load   
Bong Gook Kang, Dong Ju Lee, Sang Beom Shin
Journal of Welding and Joining:28-33.  Publication Date (Web): August 23, 2016
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16 Characteristic and Measurement Technology of Inner Welding Residual Stresses in Thick Steel Structures   
Jeong-ung Park, Gyu-baek An, Wanchuck Woo
Journal of Welding and Joining:16-21.  Publication Date (Web): April 30, 2016   Cited by 2
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62 A study on reduction of pre-crack deviation in CTOD specimen using reverse bending method   
Sehwan Jeong, Dong-Hwan Park, Hyeon-su Kim, Sang-beom Shin, Tae-jong Park
Journal of Welding and Joining:62-68.  Publication Date (Web): April 30, 2015   Cited by 2
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40 The effect of ultrasonic nano crystal surface modification for mitigation of the residual stress after weld inlay on the alloy 82/182 dissimilar metal welds of reactor vessel in/outlet nozzles   
Hong Seok Cho, Ik Keun Park, Kwang Woon Jung
Journal of Welding and Joining:40-46.  Publication Date (Web): April 30, 2015
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32 Numerical analysis on the welding residual stress and fracture toughness of the heavy thick steel welded joints by welding processes   
HanSur Bang, HeeSeon Bang
Journal of Welding and Joining:32-39.  Publication Date (Web): April 30, 2015
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72 Effect of the welding residual stress redistribution on impact absorption energy   
Zhaorui Yang, Youngseog Lee
Journal of Welding and Joining:72-79.  Publication Date (Web): February 28, 2015
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30 Residual stress measurements using neutron diffraction   
Wanchuck Woo, Dong-Kyu Kim, Gyu-Baek An
Journal of Welding and Joining:30-34.  Publication Date (Web): February 28, 2015   Cited by 1
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24 Characterization of residual stress distribution of thick steel weld by contour method   
Dong-Kyu Kim, Wanchuck Woo*, Youn-Hee Kang
Journal of Welding and Joining:24-29.  Publication Date (Web): February 28, 2015   Cited by 1
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71 Effect of Weld Residual Stress on Fatigue Analysis of Nozzle   
Sang-Chul Kim, Man-Won Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:71-78.  Publication Date (Web): February 27, 2014   Cited by 1
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40 Bonding Mechanism and Strength of Metals to Ceramics   
Se-Ho Kee, Jae-Pil Jung, Won-Joong Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:40-46.  Publication Date (Web): February 27, 2014
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15 Prediction of Welding Imperfection with Idealization of Welding and Their Accuracy   
Jae-Yik Lee, Kyong-Ho Chang, You-Chul Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:15-19.  Publication Date (Web): November 4, 2013
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7 Verification of Validity of Governing Factors in High Accurate Prediction of Welding Distortion   
Jae-Yik Lee, Kyong-Ho Chang, You-Chul Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:7-14.  Publication Date (Web): November 5, 2013
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43 Fatigue Life Evaluation on Compressive & Tensional Residual Stress Induced Materials and Residual Stress Measurement using Hole Drilling Method   
Seung Yeb Baek
Journal of Welding and Joining:43-48.  Publication Date (Web): June 5, 2013   Cited by 1
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74 Residual Stress Prediction in Multi-layer Butt Weld Using Crack Compliance Method   
Yooil Kim, Jang Hyun Lee
Journal of Welding and Joining:74-79.  Publication Date (Web): December 23, 2012
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57 A Study on Welding Distortion of GTA Circular Type Lap Joint in STS304L Thin Plate
Il-Ho Kim, Ha-Geun Kim, Sang-Beom Shin, Dong-Hwan Park
Journal of Welding and Joining:57-63.  Publication Date (Web): November 30, 2012
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51 A Study on Welding Distortion and Residual Stress for Tubular Welded Joint
Hyung-Kook Jin, Sang-Beom Shin, Dong-Ju Lee, Dong-Hwan Park
Journal of Welding and Joining:51-56.  Publication Date (Web): November 30, 2012
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47 Analysis of Residual Stress on Dissimilar Butt Joint by TIG Assisted Hybrid Friction Stir Welding
Bang Hee-Seon, Ro Chan-Seoung, M.S. Bijoy, Bang Han-Sur, Lee Yoon-Ki
Journal of Welding and Joining:47-53.  Publication Date (Web): May 16, 2012
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73 3D Finite Element Analysis of Friction Stir Welding of Al6061 Plates
Byeong-Choon Goo, Hyun-Seung Jung
Journal of Welding and Joining:73-79.  Publication Date (Web): September 12, 2011
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70 A Study on the Weld-induced Residual Stress Analysis at FPSO Moon Pool Structure
Joo-Sung Lee, Sung-Woo Han, Sang-Hoon Lee, Sang-Il Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:70-75.  Publication Date (Web): July 7, 2011
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64 PWSCC Crack Growth Analysis Using Numerical Method in the Inner Surface Repair Weld of A Nozzle
Sang-chul Kim, Mann-won Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:64-71.  Publication Date (Web): May 7, 2011
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