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380 Effect of Polarity and Oxide Fluxes on Weld-bead Geometry in Activated Tungsten Inert Gas (A-TIG) Welding   
Suman Saha, Santanu Das
Journal of Welding and Joining:380-388.  Publication Date (Web): July 14, 2020
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254 Investigation of Single Pass Welding of Thick AH36 Steel Plates in a Square Groove Butt Joint Configuration During AC-GMAW   
Adeel Ikram, Ahmad Raza, Hyun Chung
Journal of Welding and Joining:254-262.  Publication Date (Web): June 26, 2020
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82 A Study on Process Development of Deformation Reduction in TIG Overlay Welding   
Jung Hyun Park, Song Yi Park, Sang Myung Cho
Journal of Welding and Joining:82-88.  Publication Date (Web): February 11, 2019
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25 The Resistance Spot Weldability of a Stainless Steel/Aluminium/Low Carbon Steel 3-Ply Clad Sheet   
Siva Prasad Murugan, Muralimohan Cheepu, Vijeesh Vijayan, Changwook Ji, Yeong-Do Park
Journal of Welding and Joining:25-33.  Publication Date (Web): February 14, 2018   Cited by 1
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62 A Study on Laser Welding of the Seat Back Frame Applied by High Strength Steels   
Hyeon Uk Seol, Byung Hun Jung, Sok Won Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:62-67.  Publication Date (Web): June 30, 2017
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13 Numerical Simulation of Transport Phenomena for Laser Full Penetration Welding   
Hongbo Zhao, Huan Qi
Journal of Welding and Joining:13-22.  Publication Date (Web): April 28, 2017   Cited by 1
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74 Optimization of GMAW Process Parameters to Improve the Length of Penetration in EN 10025 S 235 Grade   
M.U. Deshpande, J.M. Kshirsagar, Dr.H.M. Dharmadhikari
Journal of Welding and Joining:74-78.  Publication Date (Web): January 19, 2017
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27 A Study on HAZ Softening Characteristics of Fiber Laser Weldment for High-Strength Steel   
Min-Ho Park, Ill-Soo Kim, Jong-Pyo Lee, Byeong-Ju Jin, Do-Hyeong Kim, In-Ju Kim, Ji-Sun Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:27-35.  Publication Date (Web): December 31, 2015   Cited by 2
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47 Optimization of GTAW Parameters for Horizontal Welding of a STS316L Pipe   
Hyoung-Keun Lee, Kyoung-Sik Bang
Journal of Welding and Joining:47-52.  Publication Date (Web): October 30, 2015
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17 The Effect of Shielding Gas Composition on High Power Laser Welding Characteristics   
Young-Nam Ahn, Cheolhee Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:17-23.  Publication Date (Web): August 31, 2015   Cited by 1
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7 Recent Trends of the Material Processing Technology with Laser - ICALEO 2014 Review -   
Mokyoung Lee
Journal of Welding and Joining:7-16.  Publication Date (Web): August 31, 2015
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87 High Current MIG Welding of Al 5083 Alloy under Ar/He Mixed Gas Shielding   
Young-Bae Choi, In-Sung Hwang, Mun-Jin Kang, Dong-Cheol Kim
Journal of Welding and Joining:87-92.  Publication Date (Web): February 27, 2014   Cited by 2
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21 High Current Arc Welding Technology of Aluminum Alloy   
Young-Bae Choi, Mun-Jin Kang, Dong-Cheol Kim, In-Sung Hwang
Journal of Welding and Joining:21-25.  Publication Date (Web): June 4, 2013
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59 A Prediction of the Penetration Depth on CO₂ Arc Welding of Steel Sheet Lap Joint with Fillet for Car Body using Multiple Regression Analysis Technique
Kyungmin Lee, Hyunwoo Sim, Jaehyung Kwon, Bukdong Yoon, Minki Jeong, Moonsoo Park, Boyoung Lee
Journal of Welding and Joining:59-64.  Publication Date (Web): May 16, 2012
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71 Prediction of Weld Penetration and Deposited Metal Area in Accordance with Weld Parameters in Tandem Submerged Arc Welding Process
Se-Jin Park, Seong-Kil Nam, Chang-gil Kweon
Journal of Welding and Joining:71-76.  Publication Date (Web): January 20, 2012
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93 Effects of Oxygen Contents in Shielding Gas on the Properties of Ferritic Stainless Steel GTA Weld
Won-Bae Lee, Sang-Ho Uhm, In-Su Woo
Journal of Welding and Joining:93-98.  Publication Date (Web): November 5, 2010
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73 A Study on Electron Beam Weldmetal Cross Section Shapes and Strength of Al 5052 Thick Plate
In-Ho Kim, Gil-Young Lee, Jeong-Min Ju, Kyoung-Tae Park, Byong-Sun Chun
Journal of Welding and Joining:73-79.  Publication Date (Web): July 6, 2009
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44 Effect of Heat Flux on the Melting Efficiency and Penetration Shape in TIG Welding
Dong-Soo Oh, Sang-Myung Cho
Journal of Welding and Joining:44-50.  Publication Date (Web): May 18, 2009
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42 The Eeffect of Arc Length and Shield Gas on Penetration Aspect Ratio in A-TIG Welding
In-Ki Park, Hyo-Sik Ham, Sang-Myung Cho
Journal of Welding and Joining:42-47.  Publication Date (Web): January 13, 2009
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44 Development of GMAW Process with Twin Torch for Wide Overlay using Compound Filler Plate
Kyu-Min Hwang, Sung-Deok Kim, Byung-Ho Jung, Sang-Myung Cho
Journal of Welding and Joining:44-49.  Publication Date (Web): September 24, 2008
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64 The Effects of Welding Parameters on the Weld Shape in Pulsed GTA Welding of a STS304L Stainless Steel Capsule
HyoungKeun Lee, HyonSoo Han, KwangJae Son
Journal of Welding and Joining:64-71.  Publication Date (Web): December 3, 2007
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22 Improvement of LBW quality of Zircaloy-4 Spacer Grids for PWR Fuel Assembly
Soo-Sung Kim, Kee-Nam Song, Hyoung-Jun Han
Journal of Welding and Joining:22-28.  Publication Date (Web): January 4, 2007
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